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HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles is planning to provide a large variety of product going forward. To start we've elected to go with standard terrain to address all game genre's and some fantasy designs for our product launch. To make this launch work, we had to limit the number of items so as to make the goal realistic. We want to expand as quickly as possible into other game categories. So far the highest demand from your comments (outside of Fantasy) has been to expand into the Sci-Fi market which is what we'll do next. We don't have a date yet when this will occur but it all depends on our success with Kickstarter. The greater success we have the sooner we can get to other exciting designs.

Below are a few ideas we're tracking for future potential products: (not in any particular order)

  • Wrecked Sailing Ship expansion set; would contain a ship in multiple parts with bits and pieces you'd find from a shipwreck. Would contain some coast line cliff tiles as well as water tiles.
  • Action tiles; these are tiles that will perform some action when a character is placed on the tile. Buzzers would sound, lights would turn on or both together to indicate an explosion such as a land-mind or indicate someone has entered into a time-travel portal, or is now bound in place by a green glowing magic spell, etc. Or simply a trap door opens to swallow-up the miniature. 
  • Off-earth terrain and spaceship corridors for the Sci-fi scenarios.
  • Buildings which can be displayed whole or as ruins. We want our designs to enable the gamer to use their piece as either, making the piece much more flexible and useful.
  • Urban scenes and industrial complexes.
  • Steampunk specific tiles. This one to us is really exiting. We're looking forward to creating these creative tiles.
  • Delve into other scales and miniature ratio's. We're not planning on changing the size of the tiles but building detailed crowns that more accurately match the other scales and/or ratios. We're interested in hearing back from gamer's who use these other systems.
  • Seaport with themed accessories.
  • Etc.....

This is a partial wish list of things we'd like to do but first we are focusing on our launch. Support us and we'll partner with you to provide awesome solutions and products in all catagories for the future.

The overall goal of course is to create a game board that is appealing to look at, easily playable, versatile enough to be tactically challenging, affordable and fun. We've designed each piece to be interchangeable so all our designs will work together, you will be able to mix and match as you see fit. 

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