We wanted to create a platform which would support the many awesome 3D miniatures on the market. In addition, we wanted to provide a solution for many of the existing skirmish games, new and old. From our research we feel that the hexagon shape provides the greatest opportunity and flexibility. The Hex is definitely more difficult to design around but we believe its worth the effort. For grid movement games like Heroscape and BattleTech, this board is perfectly suited. BUT because our design creates an almost seamless base, the system supports any area movement game as well, including games like Warhammer, etc. You're not limited to use this board system on just one type of game play. You can even bridge to existing terrain as you see fit.

Most definitely. Our focus has been on fantasy designs due to its large popularity. We WILL be creating additional highly detailed pieces for other game genres going forward. If you have an interest in suggesting product ideas, please contact us and let us know.

There is a large investment to create all the required molds and it's simply out of our financial capability to do it on our own. Crowd funding has become popular with the game industry and we are hoping that supporters like you are willing to help get this great new product on the market. Thank you for your support!

We are confident that we can use our existing knowledge of the manufacturing process to create the products. That's not our biggest concern. The biggest concern is finding and creating the product that you, the gamer wants. Based on our experience with other products we've manufactured, we're confident that we'll receive much input and feedback on how to improve and provide the products that people are wanting.

HyGround is a game board system only, it's not a game. The cool thing is that HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles can be used with almost any skirmish game whether using hex grid movement or area movement.