Makers of HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles

It's true that we're a new game business but we're not new to business. Most recently we have successfully sold more than 500,000 DryerDocks over the last six years via hardware stores like The Home Depot, ACE Hardware and hundreds of other hardware retailers. The DryerDock is produced using plastic injection molding just like we plan to do for our base tiles and crowns and we're no stranger to the manufacturing processes. We have been planning this business for many years and it's now time to get into the best industry of all, the gaming industry. We are committed to provide the best quality products and service for you. Not to be offensive to anyone outside the US but we are proud to be an US based company building product in the US and providing jobs to local people.

Our Management Team

Business Savvy, Gamer's at Heart

Bill Reaser

Favorite Game: Settlers

Jeff Richmond

Favorite Game: Heroscape

Jessica Butler

Favorite Game: Ticket to Ride