More Features!

HyGround tiles have been designed with useful features. One feature designed into the specialty tiles is to accommodate miniature placement on each tile. For example, you can place a fir tree specialty tile on every hex and yet have space enough for miniatures also.

This is not the case for ALL specialty tiles. There are designs that require the hex to be fully utilized but this is part of the interest of the game board. There needs to be unusable hex spaces to create barriers and voids to make the terrain truly interesting. However, we know that there's always a limited space to build your game board and therefore we try to make available as much tile space as possible.

More 3D affects in HyGround tiles. Think of all the possibilities with a removable crown on your tiles. What type of tiles surfaces can you create? Here are some ideas; wooden slated tiles with open spaces between the slats, river water tiles showing the riverbed or piranha beneath the surface, lava flows under cracked & dried lava rock, expanded metal catwalks above oil slicks, translucent Ice tiles with encased animals frozen solid, and many more ideas. In fact, we would like to hear from you and read your suggestions. Let us know by submitting your ideas and we'll get back with you.

There may be a need to add additional movement rules to your game to take advantage of all the new detailed features. Have some fun with it and let us know what your doing with the tiles.