Specialty Tiles!

... are crowns with additional details. rocks, a stack of skulls, radioactive waste drums and a myriad of other details are applied to the crowns to add more interesting details to your game board. This additional detail adds more dimension to the board and gives your game more tactical interest.

As mentioned earlier, Injection Molding does not lend itself well to detailed designs like trees, stands of mushrooms, campfires or any detail with undercuts or designs with textures covering all surfaces. For this reason we use a different technology for these details. Nearly all our specialty tile designs are created using a spin casting process. It's the same technology from which nearly all reproduced miniatures are made. Liquid plastic or resin is poured into a spinning mold and using centrifugal forces fills the voids in the mold, creating the highly detailed designs. 

Our specialty tiles combine textured crowns with our sculpted designs. Together they create unique, detailed enhancements to the overall appearance to the game board as well as enhanced depth and character to game play.