More Textures!

3D Terrain Tiles come with the revolutionary "Crown", a removable top section. The Crown provides the finish detailing of your game board. It allows you, the builder, to apply unique 3D textures to the playing surface.

What do we mean by unique 3D textures?

3D textures are just that, 3 dimensional patterns etched into the plastic. These designs come from handcrafted sculpts and are designed to give realism to the game board. We don't print decals and stick them on the crowns nor do we use the same texture for all crowns, painting them different colors. We believe to have a truly interesting and custom game surface, you need real textures etched directly into the plastic.

Bases with a small recess and crowns that sit atop the base provide us the designers additional possible 3 dimensional affects such as translucent crowns for things like water and ice allowing visibility to the riverbed below, lava flows running beneath crusty cracked stones, shallow recesses can be created like puddles or bomb craters without having to re-design the base, side views of things like suspension bridges are thinner and more realistic, our LED lighting system can be installed in the space between the base and crown to give awesome visual affects, a buzzer with pressure sensitive switch can be installed to signify when someone places their miniature on a land-mind, and many many more awesome ideas.

And the other benefits come down to functionality and cost.

  • Building a base structure using the base tiles is simple and easy. Push in place the tiles to create the 3D structure. Then you can apply the Crowns to your structure adding unique and interesting textures, colors and variety to that awesome board design you've always wanted.
  • We are using Injection Molding process to create our bases and crowns. Aside from the initial cost of the expensive steel molds it's the most cost efficient way we found to create the tiles. The challenge with this process is it does not lend itself well to designs with undercuts or side textures. Of course these are the textures that are most realistic. Our revolutionary Tile design moves one of the 3 dimensional textures to a single side, the top which works perfectly with the process and provides us a product that can be affordable. 
  • In addition, the interesting pieces with the unique textures are the smallest part of the tile which uses less material than an entire base tile. This reduces the cost compared to a full depth tile allowing us to create many more interesting textures for your game board. Base and Crown tiles are available in sets or individually.