• 3D Terrain Tiles

    Gaming Terrain, especially 3D terrain, has been a challenge for most of us gamer's who do not have the time or talent to create awesome terrain for our skirmish games. As much as we want to create the ultimate terrain scenario for our games it is usually outside of time and capability. NOT ANYMORE!

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  • Easy Assembly!

    3D Terrain Tiles push together easily and make building your 3D Terrain a snap.

    Terrain tiles come in multiple sizes for variety and functionality. Single hex, double hex, quad hex as well as other larger sizes allow creating your game landscape as you want it.

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  • More Textures!

    3D Terrain Tiles come with the revolutionary "Crown", a removable top section. The Crown provides the finish detailing of your game board. It allows you, the builder, to apply unique 3D textures to the playing surface.

    What do we mean by unique 3D textures?

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  • Specialty Tiles!

    ... are crowns with additional details. rocks, a stack of skulls, radioactive waste drums and a myriad of other details are applied to the crowns to add more interesting details to your game board. This additional detail adds more dimension to the board and gives your game more tactical interest.

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  • Expansion Sets!

    ... are themed groups of tiles with specifically designed details such as a cemetery set, waterfall set, dock set and many others. The sets come packed with base tiles, crowns and custom sculpted pieces which provide additional interest and detail to your game board.

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  • More Features!

    HyGround tiles have been designed with useful features. One feature designed into the specialty tiles is to accommodate miniature placement on each tile. For example, you can place a fir tree specialty tile on every hex and yet have space enough for miniatures also.

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Introducing... HyGround Tiles

A 3 Dimensional Gaming Tile System

Incredibly versatile 3D Terrain System for the discerning Gamer.

HyGround is a modular gaming tile system which snaps together to create impressive looking and tactically challenging landscape scenarios for your miniature gaming needs. The detailed tile textures and accessories have been beautifully hand sculpted for the discerning gamer and then integrated with CAD engineering for precision fitting. And of course, being modular, this game system allows you to create completely different designs every time you build the game board. The gaming industry has provided us many incredibly detailed 3D miniatures, now its time for an incredibly detailed and versatile 3D game board system to be used with your miniatures.

The HyGround tiles and accessories are designed for 28mm miniatures. The sets are landscape scenes with designs leaning toward a fantasy world. You know, we had to start somewhere and fantasy is our launching platform. We have plans for other game genres and scales which you can read about here

We know from experience that you, our customers, will be providing suggestions and recommendations for new and interesting designs. We welcome your input and value your ideas which we will use to create a fantastic product line.

It's true that we're a new game business but we're not new to business and we're no strangers to the manufacturing processes. We have been planning this business for several years and it's now time to get into the best industry of all, the gaming industry. We are committed to providing the best quality products and service to you. We are proud to be an US based company building product in the US and providing jobs to local talented people.

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